Saturday, August 18, 2012

Music for Manic Monday Mornings

In the blogging world, Monday mornings are manic for most. If your post isn’t shipshape, you are probably racing against the clock to be able to hit publish by the time people log in to work, by the time the homemaker settles down at his computer after packing the kids and the working woman off. And then there is the mad social network hopping to get the word out. I am no different. But I am lazy. And wicked. And a hedonist.

So over the long weekend, I came up with something that this Monday morning is just right for. Music. Not a post about music but a post of music. Yes, a playlist it is. A devilish Peter Pan sort of a playlist. A journey back in time to the music I grew up with, starting from what I heard before I could decide what I would listen to, on to the music that I couldn’t avoid once I was old enough to make a choice.

Like parents, one often does not get to choose the music that shapes one’s life. It is a combination of the culture of the times, your milieu, and what resonated within you for reasons that will forever remain unclear. Enough of introduction. Lets get to the music.
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