Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Boxes: Walk Off the Earth

Happy Ugadi! Greetings for the new year! Here is a small gift that is like a multimedia cup of Ugadi Pachadi.

My primary focus area over the last several years has been the re-definition of education. I believe that the crisis we are facing in almost all areas of human life is a failure of education. Somewhere in our rush to be who we wanted to be, we have forgotten what we learned, and forgotten to teach our children well. The warning signs have been around for a long time, and I don't mean just a few decades. Music has a very important role to play in this, especially in carrying the message of re-defining education to a generation that has been let down beyond belief by the ones preceding it.

Here is a pretty song with a free mp3 download that you might enjoy watching. Here is Walk Off the Earth (the guys behind the crazy gone viral Somebody That I Used to Know) performing Little Boxes. Enjoy!

If you enjoy the music that I enjoy and share, and if you have already seen the Somebody That I Used to Know video, then you will surely want to take a look at Walk Off the Earth doing their cover of The Beatles From Me To You (not embedding the video since it throws my columns out of whack, but do check out the Youtube link) and remember to play the video right through the end to hear a little of what these guys are really like.
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  1. good stuff.. "some body I used to know " has been my fav. since the last god knows how many months! Love this one too.. Going in my playlist.

  2. ONLY 2:26 :( creativity of these people cannot be said words but only be experienced by viewing this video !
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Totally agree..We neither teach children the right things nor in the right manner

  4. Lovely post short and sweet. I am yet to hear the music. :-)

  5. :) i liked the song thank you for sharing


  6. True Music does have tremendous power if used correctly and for the benefit of all:)

  7. Hi Subhorup, some apprciation for your blog:

  8. Hi,

    I know you've got appreciations before, but guess you deserve it more & more :)

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