Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christopher Levine's Eclectiblogs- Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption

Christopher Levine was the owner and chief contributor to the Eclectic, Inc. website.  He made the personal decision to shut it down as it was growing so rapidly that he felt it was losing it's intimacy.  Chris is very familiar with multiple music scenes, having lived in Southern California, New York, and Texas. Eclectic, Inc. was truly an all-things-music website. In addition to regular pop music journalism and recommendations and reviews, new artists - often without much prior exposure - were independently found and subsequently brought to the forefront and championed.  The result was a community of people who cared more about art than commerce. 
Upon closing the site down, numerous people wrote Chris and requested that he publish the accrued weekly blogs as they were viewed by many music lovers around the world daily.  He did so, and the result is his new book: "Eclectiblogs- Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption.  This book is highly recommended for anyone who loves music...regardless of genre...and who enjoys laughing, thinking and creating.

You can get the book by clicking this link

Note: This is just a recommendation of a book by a friend, and not a product promotion or an affiliate link! Just so that you know. :)

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