Friday, October 28, 2011

Metallica's Delhi Concert Canceled

For metal fans, the inaugural Formula 1 race at the Buddh Purnima Circuit in New Delhi was more about music than about F1 racing, as it saw a Metallica concert shape up. With a Friday night date in New Delhi and a Sunday concert at Bangalore, this was a metal dream come true. However, the dream came crashing down as the Friday concert got postponed due to "technical and logistic" problems. This was after the audience had been allowed in, and there was large scale chaos following this announcement. It seems unlikely that the Saturday date that was announced will materialize given the fact that permission needs to be acquired, and security arrangement need to be re-done. In addition, people have reported that equipment is already being packed and trucked out from the venue.

Four representatives of the organizing company DNA Networks were also arrested by the police after the show got called off. They were booked under sections of the Indian Penal Code that address breach of trust and cheating (406 and 420). While the organizers promised a refund in the event the show was canceled, many of the audience lost their tickets in the chaos that ensued after the band refused to take the stage. There are various versions floating around as to why the show was called off. While some claim that the band itself was not happy with backstage arrangement, others point out the lack of security.

For metal followers, other than browsing the featured photos from the band's Delhi trip up on its website, the only way to get to see Metallica now is by catching the next flight to Bangalore!

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