Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank You!!

This is to thank you, dear visitor, critic, reader, lover, friend.  Though I started writing many many years back, and blogging nearly 10 years now, it was only the last couple of years and the last few months that I really began to focus on organizing my writing.  This was largely because of the large number of dialogs that began springing up with each post.  Like a true adda, from being a presenter, I went on to become a participant in discussions of much greater import than I had dreamed.  I also began to feel the responsibility that came with this "freedom."  This post is not a best of, I haven't done that as yet, cuz the best of is yet to come.  This post is to share with you my appreciation of your visit, your time, your concern, and your struggle.

Do you like what you see here?  Want to stay updated with where we are?  You can follow this blog by using the Follow option of Google Friend Connect, you will find the link on the right hand sidebar at the bottom.  Do share your thoughts and responses in the comments section.  I truly respect all your comments and try and respond to them as completely as possible, and apologize for my neglect at times.

From November 18, 2010, and then Thanksgiving, unique visitors to this blog (as well as the others that I have been struggling with for the last 7 years) have increased almost 500%.  Time spent has gone from a puny 1.50 minutes to 2.48 minutes.  The Akkad post on my writing blog has an average time spent of 11.24 minutes.  This is with every second person spending less than 3 seconds on that particular page.  I have had visitors with above average time spent on pages from 17 countries, something that boggles my small mind.  Truly appreciate your presence and support.

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