Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Diamonds and Rust: Joan Baez

The commentary is classic and worth a read. One of the LPs I owned and loved.  I am in the process of writing this piece, and would appreciate comments on her recent outings.

Diamonds & RustDiamonds & Rust - MFSL Original Master RecordingDiamonds & Rust [Vinyl]

It took me over a couple of months to be able to come back to starting writing about Joan, as Jan 9 draws closer, and I think of her more and more, more and more of the time.

The pain of lyrics like those of D&R, Jesse Come Home, and In the Quiet Morning (not from the D&R release though) is something that one can totally identify with.  For me, D&R was more of discovering love songs by a folk and protest icon.  My personal adventures, both before and after, have caused her songs of love and longing to be very deeply imprinted on my life.

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