Friday, April 16, 2010

Grateful Dead: Crimson, White, Indigo

Crimson, White, Indigo
Crimson, White & Indigo: July 7 1989 JFK Stadium, Philadelphia (3CD/1DVD)
But I'd rather be with you - be with you. It is difficult to distance oneself from the emotions that some songs can invoke, especially songs of peace and protest that were hallmarks of much of classic folk and rock music. Grateful Dead is among the few bands that were able to carry the ideology of the 60s into the 90s, with songs like Standing on the Moon, Truckin, Brother Esau, Mexicalli Blues, Friend of the Devil and even songs like Touch of Grey and Fire on the Mountain.
Workingman's Dead
With the death of Jerry Garcia in a California rehab in 1995, an era of rock music came to an end. For a lot of people Jerry Garcia could not die. Thanks to Rhino Records' release of the Philly JFK Stadium concert of 1989, deadheads can rest assured, Jerry Garcia did not die, he cannot die. I strayed away from fringe music as I grew up and discarded a lot of the stuff I heard in my teens, but two bands that stayed on my shelf were Dead and Led Zep, largely due to their brilliance as musicians, songwriters, lyricists, band-mind improvisers and individual musicians.
Skeletons From The Closet: The Best Of The Grateful Dead
Dead was a pioneer in making recorded music freely available and shareable, long before the advent of computer networks and file sharing, with the forests of mikes that can be seen in their concerts set up by fans with taper's tickets. They even allowed soundboard connections to fans wishing to record their concerts, and encouraged free sharing of the recordings among fans. As a result, Dead has possibly the maximum amount of live recorded material of high quality among all rock bands making releases of historic live concerts a possibility. Their concerts at remain a treasure trove of classic listening.

After the Cream reunion and the Truckin up to buffalo, this is surely the most exciting live concert to hit the stores in this decade. Looking forward to experiencing this phenomenal release.

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