Saturday, February 18, 2006

Review: Chaos & Creation in the Backyard-Paul McCartney (Capitol)

Being born in a month of Prairie Wind and A Bigger Bang, Chaos and Creation definitely risks coming across as pointless and watered down. However, this is vintage Macca, taking his standard wry digs at his own sugary lyricism ("very twee/very me" on English Tea), with a smattering of exotic instruments, almost all played by himself, and an early adapter apology cum standard disclaimer (It's a fine line between recklessness and courage/.../there is a long way between chaos and creation), and of course, a love song ("Got me hooked/Got me hooked" on A Certain Softness) that is, true to himself, silly, all of this held together by some very fine engineering, though on repeated listening, the layering on some tracks does sound a little contrived, but one can live with it. The recurrent themes of loss and grief, requited and unrequited love, being misunderstood, and unbridled, if not corny, optimism (Only love is strong enough to take it on the chin) run through this album. This is no Mensa pop, not a Band on the Run, not even a Tug of War, but it spells craftsmanship and comfort at every turn, and will stay in the beatniks' changers for a while to come.

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